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About Delvaux

With nearly 200 years of heritage in the luxury goods industry, Delvaux has honed its craft across generations while evolving to offer discerning customers a wide range of products. The brand is best known for its Brillant and TempĂȘte handbag styles for women and its briefcases and other leather goods for men, all made from fine leathers like ostrich, galuchat, and crocodile sourced from around the world. Many pieces can be customized with a range of rare materials and finishes through the brand's special order service.

Delvaux's manufacture facility in Brussels contains various specialty workshops focusing on specific steps of production like cutting, assembly, finishing, and quality control. Expert artisans train for years to master the skills needed to meet the brand's exacting standards. This expertise ensures that every Delvaux product meets the highest standards for luxury materials and construction.

The company has cultivated a reputation for excellent customer service. Boutique staff patiently guide clients to their perfect product and keep records to provide personalized recommendations. They can also perform minor repairs and cleaning while you wait. For more extensive spa services, items can be sent to Delvaux's Brussels atelier.

With a long history intertwined with European culture, Delvaux has appeared in films like Belle de Jour and La Dolce Vita. The brand has many celebrity fans like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Catherine Deneuve and has collaborated with pop artists like René Magritte and Jean-Paul Goude. Vintage and limited edition Delvaux pieces have an enthusiastic collector community and strong resale value.

After being family owned for nearly two centuries, Delvaux was acquired in 2011 by the Richemont Group. This corporate ownership has accelerated the brand's global expansion with new stores worldwide. Some loyalists perceive that recent changes in creative direction reflect corporate influences, favoring commercialism over tradition. However, Delvaux remains dedicated to showcasing its heritage of expert technique and the enduring beauty of well-made leather goods.