Faure Le Page Satchels

About Faure le page

Faure Le Page was founded in Paris in 1922 by Madame Faure, who designed handbags with innovative compartments and functional details suited for the modern Parisian lifestyle. The house quickly gained renown for its Daily Battle tote, featuring a removable clutch pouch and array of inner pockets unprecedented at the time.

The Daily Battle embodied Faure Le Page's ethos of melding form and function for the chic working woman. Its capacious shape carried everything needed for a day on the go, while details like adjustable straps and zippered compartments kept belongings organized with Parisian polish. The seemingly simple yet ingeniously designed tote endures today as an icon of French handbag innovation.

While anchoring its house codes in the Daily Battle and other signature silhouettes, Faure Le Page continues pushing boundaries in materials and personalization. Recent collections incorporate bold geometric patterns and introduce the brand's first leather and canvas combo bags with modern, modular pouches. Customers can also create their own Daily Battles by selecting colors and monograms.

In the past decade, Faure Le Page has partnered with young designers like Marine Serre for limited edition accessories incorporating the brand's savoir-faire with contemporary streetstyle. Pop artists such as Mr. Brainwash have reinterpreted Faure Le Page classics with graffiti prints, imbuing traditional Parisian luxury with urban edge.

Faure Le Page is now a mainstay on the arms of French fashion insiders as well as international influencers and celebrities like Naomi Campbell seeking that elusive, effortless garçonne look. While expanding its global presence, Faure Le Page retains deep Parisian roots, collaborating frequently with local artists to support its community.

As the house celebrates its first 100 years, Faure Le Page remains anchored in timeless design balanced with of-the-moment versatility and personal style. Just as the Daily Battle tote equips women for their varied roles in life, Faure Le Page continues adapting its functional luxury codes for the modern needs of its growing international fanbase.