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About Loro piana

Loro Piana was founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana and his brother as a wool trading business. Based in Italy’s wool capital, the Piedmont region, the company originally sourced and traded the finest merino wool internationally. Over decades, Loro Piana built relationships with elite luxury brands while continuing to amass the most precious wools from around the world.

Early Loro Piana fabrics set themselves apart through strict selection of the rarest and most exceptional raw materials. They also pioneered innovative techniques to transform delicate natural fibers into refined fabrics that could be tailored while retaining their beauty and comfort. This expert craftsmanship established the company's reputation for delivering the pinnacle of quality in wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics.

At its core, Loro Piana values natural raw ingredients over artificial fibers and upholds craft traditions over mass manufacturing. They selectively control every step - sourcingfibers at origin, developing proprietary treatments, weaving on historic looms - allowing time-honored techniques to reveal the innate luxury of natural materials.

Over time, Loro Piana has introduced new materials including the softest baby cashmere, feather-light vicuña, the rare Cloud de Candide, and water-resistant Storm System wool. While expanding globally, they’ve focused on sustainability, funding wool research, and preserving rare breeds and dying art forms through breeding programs and craft schools.

Loro Piana's iconic finishes, such as double cashmere, Baby Cashmere, and vicuña, have achieved almost legendary status for their buttery-soft feel and elegant drape. Silhouettes tend towards the classically simple, allowing the beauty of the fabrics to stand out while offering tailored perfection.

More recently, Loro Piana has turned to unexpected yet natural design partners, including amethysts, mother of pearl,stone and wood to add organic texture. They've also funded research to responsibly source and process materials like vicuña wool and restore breds on the brink of extinction.