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Marine Serre, a French fashion designer born in 1991, quickly rose to fame after winning the 2017 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Her brand, known for its distinctive crescent moon motif, represents a radical and innovative approach in the fashion industry.

The brand's initial foray into design was marked by the debut of the crescent moon motif, a symbol that has since become synonymous with Marine Serre's identity. This motif was first showcased in her 2016 graduation show, 'Radical Call For Love,' which garnered international attention and set the tone for her future designs.

At the core of Marine Serre's brand philosophy is an eco-futurist ideology, which prioritizes sustainability and a reverence for nature. This approach is evident in her designs, which often utilize upcycled materials, signaling a commitment to eco-friendly fashion practices.

Marine Serre's handbags are iconic for their innovative use of upcycled materials and the signature crescent moon motif. These designs not only reflect the brand's commitment to sustainability but also have become a distinct symbol in the fashion world, recognized for their uniqueness and environmental consciousness.

The brand has garnered attention from numerous celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Yung Miami, and Beyoncé, who notably wore a catsuit from Marine Serre in her 'Black is King' project and commissioned a custom piece for her 2023 Renaissance World Tour, further elevating the brand's profile.

A hallmark of Marine Serre's approach to fashion is her focus on sustainability, with at least 50% of her collections comprising upcycled materials. This innovative use of materials like old lace tablecloths and vintage silk scarves is a testament to her commitment to environmental responsibility in fashion design.