The 10 Most Popular Goyard Bags

The Bags That Define Goyard

Listed in order of popularity, from the most renowned to the merely notable.

  1. Saint-Louis image Saint-Louis

    A celebrated emblem of Goyard since its introduction in the early 2000s, the Saint-Louis tote marries functionality with high-fashion. Its spacious interior can effortlessly store daily essentials—ideal for the cosmopolitan woman navigating the city streets or jetting off to a weekend getaway.

    Beyond its practicality, the Saint-Louis stands as a canvas for individual flair. Crafted predominantly from the unmistakable Goyardine canvas, aficionados of fashion will instantly recognize its distinct pattern, a testament to its lasting elegance.

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  2. Anjou image Anjou

    The Anjou, often considered a contemporary sibling to the iconic Saint-Louis, captures attention with its ingenious dual-sided design. Fashioned for the eclectic soul, it grants the luxury of showcasing a different hue or texture on a whim.

    Its dual nature doesn't overshadow its craftsmanship. Constructed with Goyard's hallmark Goyardine canvas, the Anjou's leather accents amplify its sophistication, creating a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

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  3. Saïgon image Saïgon

    The Saïgon resonates with vintage allure. With design elements reminiscent of the golden age of fashion, it boasts a wooden frame and a chic top handle, encapsulating the charm of the past in contemporary aesthetics.

    Not just a statement piece, its wooden frame ensures durability while maintaining a compact form—making it the quintessential companion for evening soirees where elegance and practicality converge.

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  4. Artois image Artois

    Drawing inspiration from the Saint-Louis, the Artois brings forth a structured silhouette, defined by reinforced corners. It's tailored for the relentless pace of urban life, robustly designed to withstand the daily hustle.

    Craftsmanship shines in its details—the Goyardine canvas ensures longevity, while the inclusion of a zipper closure adds an extra layer of security. It's a testament to Goyard's commitment to evolving while staying true to its heritage.

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  5. Belvedere image Belvedere

    A symbol of urban sophistication, the Belvedere crossbody came onto the scene in the late 90s. Its compact form with intuitively designed compartments offers ease of access on bustling city streets or during travel.

    While functionality remains at its core, the Belvedere doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Embraced in Goyardine canvas, it's a beacon of timeless fashion, seamlessly blending utility with sheer elegance.

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  6. Petit Flot image Petit Flot

    The Petit Flot clutch, a modern marvel from Goyard, radiates minimalistic elegance. Conceived for today's metropolitan trendsetters, it's the ideal accessory for soirées where minimal baggage is preferred.

    Although minimal, its charm isn't sacrificed. Whether fashioned in the iconic Goyardine canvas or luxurious leather, the Petit Flot stands out as both a practical and fashion-forward choice.

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  7. Senat image Senat

    Goyard's Senat pouch is the epitome of understated luxury. While initially envisioned as a supplementary organizer within more expansive bags, its sleek design has since thrived as an independent evening clutch.

    Its transition from a utilitarian pouch to a style emblem highlights its versatility. Cloaked in Goyard's signature Goyardine canvas, the Senat is both a tribute and a testament to ageless craftsmanship.

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  8. Cap-Vert image Cap-Vert

    The Cap-Vert serves as a beacon of Goyard's mastery in marrying function with flair. Tailored for essentials, this crossbody captures admiration with its finesse and functionality—be it in Goyardine canvas or opulent leather.

    Besides its aesthetic allure, Cap-Vert shines in its utility. The magnetic closure ensures easy accessibility, while its compartments are thoughtfully designed for optimal organization.

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  9. Sainte-Marie image Sainte-Marie

    The Sainte-Marie sling encapsulates the essence of urban sophistication. Crafted for those constantly on the move, this bag is an emblem of modernity, with its slim profile fitting effortlessly into any metropolitan setting.

    With an emphasis on ease and adaptability, its features, like the adjustable strap, have established it as an essential for those valuing both convenience and chic.

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  10. Boheme Hobo image Boheme Hobo

    With the Boheme Hobo, Goyard pays homage to traditional designs while integrating their signature elegance. Its laid-back contour, ideal for informal jaunts, borrows from classic hobo bags but is elevated through Goyard's luxurious touch, often realized in plush leather.

    Balancing capacity with comfort, its generous interior and singular shape, along with the ease of a shoulder bag, have solidified its stance among enthusiasts of both solace and style.

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