The 10 Most Popular Hermes Bags

The Bags That Define Hermes

Listed in order of popularity, from the most renowned to the merely notable.

  1. Birkin image Birkin

    The Birkin is arguably one of the most iconic handbags in the world of fashion. Introduced in the 1980s, the bag owes its name to actress Jane Birkin. The story goes that after a chance encounter with the then Hermès CEO on a plane, where she lamented the impracticality of her bag, the Birkin was born. Distinguished by its two handles, flap, and clasp closure, it's a tote that exudes luxury. Seen on the arms of countless celebrities and featured in numerous TV shows and movies, it's no wonder its popularity remains unwavering. Typically crafted from leather, the Birkin also comes in exotic materials like crocodile and ostrich, with Togo leather being among the most popular.

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  2. Kelly image Kelly

    Second only to the Birkin in fame, the Kelly bag has a rich history that predates its more popular sibling. Introduced in the 1930s, it wasn't until Grace Kelly shielded herself from paparazzi with the bag in the 1950s that it gained its moniker and iconic status. Structurally, the Kelly can be distinguished by its single handle and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. While it also has a flap and clasp like the Birkin, its trapezoid shape sets it apart. Renowned for its elegance, the Kelly is a top-handle bag but can transition into a crossbody for versatility. The bag is often crafted from leather, with Box Calf being particularly sought after.

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  3. Evelyne image Evelyne

    The Evelyne might not share the limelight like the Birkin or Kelly but has a charm of its own. Launched in the 1970s, this bag was originally designed to carry horse grooming tools, explaining its perforated 'H' on the front – meant for ventilation. It's a crossbody bag, perfect for those seeking both style and functionality. The Evelyne is distinctive with its sporty yet elegant appeal, making it a favorite for more casual outings. Primarily made from Clemence leather, it's durable and retains its shape, making it ideal for everyday use.

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  4. Picotin image Picotin

    Inspired by the feed bags given to horses, the Picotin is Hermès’ answer to the casual bucket bag. It was introduced in the early 2000s and quickly found its audience. It’s a simple, unlined tote, cinched at the top. This bag stands out with its straightforward design, offering an unadulterated view of Hermès craftsmanship. Available in a range of materials, its Clemence leather version remains particularly popular due to its softness and durability.

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  5. Constance image Constance

    First seen in 1959, the Constance is a testament to timeless design. This elegant shoulder bag, known for its large 'H' clasp, offers a blend of simplicity and sophistication. The Constance has a structured design and can be worn as a crossbody or shortened to hang elegantly by the side. With its understated elegance, it has been a choice accessory for many style icons. Typically crafted in smooth leather variants, it often shines in its Epsom leather rendition.

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  6. Herbag image Herbag

    Often dubbed the 'Kelly’s younger sister', the Herbag boasts similar aesthetics but is made from canvas and cowhide leather, giving it a more casual feel. Launched in the 2000s, it has since become popular for those wanting a touch of Hermès without the hefty price tag of the Kelly. The interchangeable canvas feature lets owners switch up their style, adding a fun and versatile twist to this model.

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  7. Garden Party image Garden Party

    The Garden Party is Hermès' more relaxed and versatile tote. Debuting in the 2000s, it's a perfect blend of casual chic. Without much embellishment, its quality craftsmanship stands out. Made predominantly from canvas and leather, it's perfect for both a day out shopping or a casual evening event.

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  8. Bolide image Bolide

    Introduced in the 1920s, the Bolide is one of Hermès' oldest handbag designs. Originally designed as a car bag, it's known for its dome shape and zip closure – a novelty at the time. It’s a versatile piece, ideal for work or travel. Often made in a variety of leathers, its Evercalf version is particularly adored for its smooth texture.

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  9. Lindy image Lindy

    The Lindy, with its unique shape and design, is a more recent addition to the Hermès family, launched in the 2000s. It can be described as a blend between a tote and a shoulder bag, with its dual handles offering multiple carry options. Notable for its relaxed silhouette and twist lock closures, it has quickly grown in popularity among the younger audience.

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  10. Jypsiere image Jypsiere

    Drawing inspiration from the Birkin, the Jypsiere was introduced in 2008 as a unisex alternative. It’s a flap bag with an adjustable strap, allowing for crossbody wear. Perfect for those on the move, it melds the functional with the stylish. The Jypsiere's front flap provides both security and a nod to the Birkin’s design. The bag's robust build, combined with its adjustable strap, has made it popular among those seeking practicality without compromising on style. The Jypsiere, like many Hermès creations, is crafted mainly from leather, with Togo and Clemence leathers being particularly adored for their durability and softness.

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