The 10 Most Popular Louis Vuitton Bags

The Bags That Define Louis Vuitton

Listed in order of popularity, from the most renowned to the merely notable.

  1. Speedy image Speedy

    The Speedy is a testament to timeless fashion and functionality. Introduced in the 1930s as a travel bag called "Express", its design was inspired by the era's rapid transit. It was in the 1960s, when Audrey Hepburn requested a mini version of the Keepall, that the Speedy as we know it was born. Its rounded shape and sturdy leather handles make it both an ideal city bag and a travel companion. Recognized for its monogram canvas, the Speedy has been reimagined in a plethora of materials and sizes, with the Damier and Epi leather among its iconic variations.

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  2. Pochette image Pochette

    The Pochette holds a cherished spot in the realm of luxury clutches. It first emerged in the 1990s, capitalizing on the era's penchant for minimalistic styles. Over the years, it's evolved from a simple, small bag to include variations like the Pochette Metis, known for its multiple compartments. Often seen gracing the arms of celebrities during evening events, its compact size makes it perfect for essentials. While the monogram canvas is emblematic, the Pochette's versatility shines through in its varied renditions, including Damier Ebene and Vernis leather.

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  3. Neverfull image Neverfull

    As the name suggests, the Neverfull is renowned for its spaciousness without compromising on style. Launched in 2007, it quickly became a staple for those seeking a stylish workhorse. Transitioning seamlessly from city bag to beach bag to travel tote, its side laces adjust for a sleek city-chic look or a more casual, spacious style. Its interior pouch adds to its allure, serving as a clutch or an extra pocket. While the monogram canvas is a classic, the Neverfull also boasts Damier and Epi leather versions, ensuring there's a style for every enthusiast.

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  4. Alma image Alma

    Elegance and structure are embodied in the Alma, which was first created in the 1930s. Legend has it that Coco Chanel herself had a custom version before it was available to the public. Its art deco-inspired shape, accentuated by a double zip closure, is a nod to classic Parisian elegance. The Alma stands tall on protective bottom studs, ensuring it remains pristine. Its silhouette has been reinterpreted over the years, with the Monogram Vernis leather, offering a glossy and sophisticated appeal, standing out among its renditions.

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  5. Noe image Noe

    Originally designed in 1932, the Noe was conceived when a champagne house contacted Louis Vuitton to create a bag that could hold five bottles of champagne. Its drawstring closure and bucket shape are iconic, with the bag's history adding a dash of intrigue. Over the years, it's transformed from its utilitarian origins to a fashion-forward accessory. Crafted in various sizes, from the petite Noe BB to the spacious NeoNoe, it's the monogram canvas that remains its signature, though it has been revisited in various materials like Epi leather and Damier Azur.

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  6. Keepall image Keepall

    Travel in style is the mantra of the Keepall, which debuted in 1930. Originally introduced as a luxurious alternative to the standard luggage of the time, it's now a symbol of sophistication. The duffle-style bag, perfect for weekend getaways, has been sported by numerous celebrities and globetrotters. Its leather handles and signature monogram canvas exude luxury, though variations like the Damier Graphite give it a modern touch. With its bandoulière versions offering a detachable shoulder strap, versatility is at the heart of the Keepall.

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  7. Papillon image Papillon

    Introduced in the 1960s, the Papillon, with its cylindrical shape, stands out in the world of handbags. Its name, which means 'butterfly' in French, is said to be inspired by its silhouette which resembles a butterfly in flight. The Papillon's unique form factor offers a spacious interior, making it both a conversation starter and a practical choice. While it's most recognized in the monogram canvas, its Damier Ebene rendition offers a chic alternative.

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  8. Saumur image Saumur

    Taking inspiration from equestrian styles, the Saumur, named after the historic French city, debuted in the 1980s. Distinctive for its saddlebag design with dual compartments, it's a nod to Louis Vuitton's tryst with designs that echo travel and movement. Its adjustable strap allows for crossbody wear, making it a favored choice for those on the go. Typically seen in monogram canvas, its vintage appeal has made it a sought-after piece among collectors.

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  9. Looping image Looping

    Introduced in the early 2000s, the Looping distinguishes itself through its singular curved shoulder strap, from which its name derives. Its arc-shaped handle is a nod to modern design while retaining a classic aesthetic. The bag, characterized by its clean lines and the iconic LV twist-lock, is a seamless fit for various occasions, from daily errands to evening soirées. The interior, spacious and well-organized, is proof of Louis Vuitton's commitment to merging style with utility.

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  10. Deauville image Deauville

    The Deauville stands as a tribute to timeless elegance, designed with the modern woman in mind. Launched in the 1990s, it was envisioned as a vanity case, echoing the growing trend of women needing stylish yet functional storage for their cosmetics and toiletries. Its spacious compartmentalized interior, complete with pockets and holders, ensures everything has its place. The front bears a leather patch for the owner's name, hinting at its travel-centric origin. While the monogram canvas version of the Deauville is instantly recognizable, its structured shape and leather trims give it an air of sophistication, making it equally apt for daily use as it is for travel.

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